15811 SE Main, Portland, OR 97233 • Phone 503-762-3205 • Fax 503-762-3235

Parklane Elementary

Home of the Panthers - Centennial School District
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Name Position Phone Number E-Mail Address
Jorge Meza Principal 503-762-3205 jorge_meza@csd28j.org
Jenny Aguilar Lead Secretary 503-762-3205 jenny_aguilar@csd28j.org
Randi Ritchey Secretary 503-762-3205 Randi_Richey@csd28j.org
Vickie Soli-Compton Child Develop. Specialist 503-762-3205  vickie_soli-compton@csd28j.org
 Ruth Thompson School Psychologist 503-762-3205×4422 ruth_thompson@csd28j.org
 Gayle Imran-Sideris  Assistant Principal  503-762-3205  Gayle_Imran-Sideris@csd28j.org
 Jessica Tabb Kindergarten 503-762-3205 x4409 jessica_tabb@csd28j.org
 Heather Simoneau Kindergarten 503+762-3205×4408  heather_simoneau@csd28j.org
Natalie Garza Kindergarten 503-762-3205×4410 Natalie_Garza@csd28j.org
Sue Rohm 1st grade 503-762-3205×4406  Sue_rohm@csd28j.org
 Jennifer Kresek   1st grade  503-762-3205×4404   jennifer_kresek@csd28j.org
 Sarah Gibson 2nd grade 503-762-3205 x 4429 sarah_gibson@csd28j.org
 Heidi Patterson 2nd grade 503-762-3205 x 4428 heidi_patterson@csd28j.org
 Stephanie Ogan 3rd grade 503-762-3205×4424 stephanie_ogan@csd28j.org
Aaron Kenny 3rd grade 503-762-3205×4425  aaron_kenny@csd28j.org
 Rikki Drews 4th grade 503-762-3205×4412 rikki_drews@csd28j.org
 Lisa Meyers

4th grade 503-762-3205×4411 lisa_meyers@csd28j.org
 Emily Lewis 5th grade 503-762-3205×4405 Emily_Trosino@csd28j.org
 Alex Stengel 5th grade 503-762-3205×4403  alex_stengel@csd28j.org
 Mike Nichols 6th grade 503-762-3205×4427 mike_nichols@csd28j.org
Kari Pekin 6th grade 503-762-3205×4431 kari_pekin@csd28j.org
 Nate Kruse Supported Classroom 503-762-3205×4421  nathan_kruse@csd28j.org
 Jason Brennan Physical Education 503-762-3205×4444 jason_brennan@csd28j.org
 Katherine Cooper Music Specialist 503-762-3205×4419  katherine_cooper@csd28j.org
 Paula Chudd Resource Center 503-762-3205×4402 Paula_chudd@csd28j.org
 Dulcia Jim Special Ed Secretary 503-762-3205×7281 dulcia_jim@csd28j.org
 June Sawtelle Records Manager 503-762-3205×4452  june_sawtelle@csd28j.org
 Dorene Leines Title 1 503-762-3205×4460  dorene_leines@csd28j.org
 Dunya Chirchi Speech 503-762-3205×4413  dunya_chirchi@csd28j.org
 Chelsey Maciag Readiing Specialist 503-762-3205×4460 chelsey_maciag@csd28j.org
 Heather Shoemaker ELL/TOSA 503-762-3205×4407  heather_shoemaker@csd28j.org
 Jaclynn Drigen ELL 503-762-3205×4421 jaclynn_drigen@csd28j.org
 Jenny Lucas Litteracy Coach 503-762-3205×4401  jenny_lucas@csd28j.org
Kim Louvin SUN Coordinator 503-762-3205×7278 kiml@mfs.email